Palermo is Sicily's stunning capital city. If you want to explore an enchanting island in Southern Italy, nothing can beat this attractive and historic destination. The city center is home to an abundance of diverse and fascinating attractions. Palermo has significant history on its side. It's been in existence since 734 B.C. It's an economic and cultural hub in Southern Italy. It's also a popular tourist draw. People gravitate to the city to take in its mild Mediterranean climate, cuisine, palaces, Baroque and Romanesque structures and beyond.Palermo Cathedral is one of the most noteworthy sights in the city. This stunning 12th century landmark is known for its diverse architectural elements. Palermo Cathedral is an intriguing sight for people who wish to explore Gothic and Catalan architectural components alike. Another sight to see close to the city is the Cathedral Monreale

Teatro Massimo is another notable destination in Palermo. This Piazza Verde opera house is a popular attraction among fans of opera. It has the distinction of being the biggest opera house in all of Italy. There are few European opera houses in general that beat it in the size department, too. People everywhere appreciate the strong acoustics that are available at Teatro Massimo.

Via Maqueda is a bustling and lively street that epitomizes the energy of Palermo. It's chock-full of prominent historic landmarks. Not only is it home to the aforementioned famed opera house, but it's also home to the legendary Praetorian Fountain, known in Italian as "Fontana Pretoria." This fountain was constructed in 1554. Other standout historic attractions on Via Maqueda include the Church of Sant'Orsola, Palazzo Chiaranda, Palazzo Busacca and the Church of Santa Ninfa dei Crociferi.

Piazza Pretoria or the "Square of Shame" is one of the most vibrant squares in the city. People who take the time to visit this square can see a lot more than the Praetorian Fountain, too. It also features a wealth of majestic mermaid and nymph statues.

Palermo's city center is a great place for people who want to enjoy access to amazing dining. There are seemingly countless high-quality restaurants in the heart of the city. Acclaimed Via Maqueda dining establishments include both Bisso Bistrot and Ke Palle. Bisso Bistrot is a laid-back restaurant that's known for affordable dishes and courteous service. It makes a strong dining choice for people who crave anything from pasta to croissants. 

Ke Palle boasts a fast food feel and is ideal for people who are interested in quick and stress-free meals in Palermo. It's optimal for Sicilian street food enthusiasts who want to nosh on rice balls, salmon and more. Ke Palle also provides diners with many choices in vegan and vegetarian plates.
The nightlife scene in Palermo is strong. People who visit the Kalsa section can enjoy a wide array of high-quality wine bars. Champagneria is a major nightlife hot spot in the city, too. It's especially beloved by youth in the area. Kursal Khalhesa, Mescal Tapas, Pub 88 and Candelai are all examples of widely known nightlife attractions in the city.

Attractions in Palermo truly run the gamut. Visitors can take advantage of countless amazing eateries in the city. They serve mouthwatering pizza and plentiful local delights. There are also many relaxing coffee bars available to folks who simply want to unwind and take things slow for a little while. Caffe Turco and Caffe d'Oriente are both popular coffee bars. They provide visitors with extensive Arabic drink selections. Caffe del Casarro and Caffe Antico both offer many choices in traditional Sicilian beverages. Palermo's energetic and beautiful city center is a wonderful place for people who love A+ dining opportunities, mesmerizing sights and pure relaxation. 
Most touristic flights come in from the airport Palermo Punta Raisi. It is located about 25 minutes West of the city center and easily reached by taxi or rental car. 

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